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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frances Baker & Samantha Pleet

My adult baby brother, Liam, snapped these shots in our courtyard today before we dodged out to pick up Thanksgiving treats for our, now traditional, Thanksgiving parade and potluck. He's not a bad photographer! I'll be sharing soon a collection of breathtaking photos he took while on his two month solo trek across the US.

Not long ago I received the above dress as a gift from Josephine, the talented designer behind Frances Baker. We (The Loved One) began carrying a select number of pieces from her collection earlier this season (including the above dress) and I'm so pleased for it. This summer I spent quite a bit of time in this dress from her s/s collection and have been wearing the fall counterpart with equal enthusiasm. Again, she has managed to pick out the softest and most comfortable fabric to sew her meticulously crafted design. I've paired her dress here with boots made by another exceptionally talented designer, and pal, Samantha Pleet. I've sung the praises of these boots here before but wanted again to say that they are, simply put, the best. So comfortable and so beautiful and also they are red. To top off this all new, all independent outfit (alright, not all, the hat is from my favourite Ottawa vintage shop, Ragtime) is a ring that I tried and failed to photograph (another time). The cat shaped ring was a gift from Calourette via Landon upon returning home from his Paris trip. I don't wear much jewelry apart from my wedding ring but I, like the rest of the internet right now, would happily adorn myself with as much pussy as possible (can't wait for the google searches to bring folks in with that one). Needless to say, this ring is also, simply put, the best. Thank you CalouretteFrances Baker and Samantha Pleet for making me feel so fancy! Friends I implore you, support small this holiday season!

Hat - Ragtime
Dress - c/o Frances Baker
Brooch - The Loved One
Shoes - c/o Samantha Pleet
Ring  - c/o Calourette

Happy Thanksgiving to my American pals, enjoy your friends and family and full bellies!

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